I want to vend! Where do I apply?

Do you see a link at the top that says Vendor Application? Nope? Then sorry you missed our deadline. We don’t accept late applications or applications through our contact form. Please do not email us we won’t respond. You can sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified when we are accepting applications again.

Do I need to bring a table or chair?

No! We have you covered if you really really really want to bring a table you can. Just make sure you select no table on your application form.

Can I bring other items to vend?

Please stick to the category of item you applied with. When we choose people from the applications we try and make sure we have a good mix of vendors. This stops overlap from happening. You can bring other items you did not apply with just make sure they are in the same type of category. (example if you sell jewelry don’t bring soap)

How big is my table?

If you are a vendor your table size is 6 Foot by 2.5 feet. Readers tables are 4 Foot by 2 foot. Nothing can be placed in front or on the sides of your table. Your packing materials must be behind or underneath the table. Nothing can be stored in front or on the sides. Only the vendor that applied may sell their items at their table. Sharing or subletting of tables is not allowed. If you can’t make it to the market you will lose your table fee. You can not sell it to someone else.

How much are table fees?

Vendors: $190
Readers 2 Days: $125
Presenters: Free! (unless you are vending/reading then you still have to pay your table fee)

When do I set up for the market?

About a week before the market we will send out an email with all the load in information.

Can I bring uncle Jim, brother Rick and my cat to help me behind my table?

We are very limited for space and it’s very very tight please do not have anymore then 2 people behind your table when vending.

Where do I park?

There is a paid parking lot across the street from the hall. The last time we checked it was $10 a day. There is also free street parking in the Whyte ave residential area.

What am I not allowed to do at the hall?

– Please do not tape or stick anything to the walls.
– No lit candles or incense
– Please clean up your area when the market is finished <3

Is there food?

No. But we provide coffee for free for vendors as long as you bring your own coffee mug. There is lots of food choices around the Whyte ave area, keep in mind this is a super busy market and your might be better off to bring a lunch.

The Market!