Market Dates are May 4th & 5th

Applications will only be accepted until March 3nd.

After you have been confirmed to vend you must pay by March 5th.

If you are accepted and decide not to vend or can't vend for whatever reason please let us know. Failure to inform us will impact your next vendor application.

If you apply after the above posted date you will get no response! We do not hold over applications.

Market Time is Saturday from 10am to 8pm & Sunday from 10am to 4pm

Please read everything carefully!!!!!!!!!!!

We are looking for pagan vendors, and products that can be both handcrafted or commercially made.
As long as the items are unique they will be considered.

MLM's or Multi-Level Marketing products will NOT be accepted or considered.

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you after the jury selection has been completed. By filling out this form you are not guaranteed a spot, we receive more applications then what the hall holds. If you don't make it in this market this does not mean we don't want you.

Once you fill out this form, the page will refresh, and you will receive a
submission confirmation email with what you submitted.
If you do not receive an email then your form was NOT submitted.

If you would like to get updates on future markets visit our contact page and sign up for our emails, please ensure that you add our address to your safe list so it does not go to your junk mail.

To vend at this market you must be able to be there for both days. We are not allowing split days or table sharing


Once you have been confirmed to vend and you have paid your table fees they are non-refundable and non-transferable. The following week an acceptance or waitlist email will be sent out. Please do not email us asking if you are in. Everyone will be contacted once decisions have been made. Make sure that [email protected] is not marked as junk mail so you receive all of our emails.


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Provide 5 good photos of YOUR product, this will be used for your vendor profile and on our facebook page*
Images that are too small or unclear will hinder your chance of being picked to vend. Please do not use stock photos pulled from google, submit photos of your own product, & items that you will be bringing to the market. We do not allow sharing of tables, it's one "business" per table.

Do you need a table or would you like open space?*
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The Market!