Introduction to Tarot – Transformation through the Occult ~ Free Presentation

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments

This presentation will briefly go over the history and origin of the Tarot. It will focus on the use of Tarot as a transformative tool used in esoteric practices such as journeying, pathwor king and how we can use the symbology of the Tarot to discover our true self.

Dominique Smith has been on the Pagan path for over 30 years. With initiations in witchcraft, ceremonial magick and with her study of conjure, necromancy and Tarot, Dominique offers unique perspectives on the Craft and how we can use it to become better people. Dominique has served the Pagan communities across Canada through various community development events, ritual groups, conferences, as a Magickal shop owner (Elemental Book & Curiosity Shop) and professional witch for the last 14 years. She travels often, offering handmade Magickal wares, lectures, classes and readings internationally.