Intro to Active Dreaming ~ Luc Therrien ~ Free Presentation

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You will begin to learn about the power of dreams, coincidences and imagination and that, through active dreaming you can journey beyond self-limitations to a life of Wild Freedom. You will get an overview of the use the powerful techniques of active dreaming —the original synthesis of shamanism and dreamwork created by Robert Moss—to shift consciousness and embark on journeys across time and through other dimensions. You will be presented with the notions of dream sharing, dream reentry and tracking, dreaming the future, dreaming with the departed and the departing, dreaming with animal guardians and spiritual guides and through dreams of healing. As a presentation take away, you will learn the dream lightning dream process. For those wanting an in-depth learning experience of these techniques, information will be provided about a workshop on The Art of Active Dreaming.

As a registered nurse with a Master’s Degree, Luc Therrien has spent the better part of his professional life working within the health system in the area of mental health. Every day, he witnesses the power of the mind on the well-being of individuals. He helps people help themselves grow spiritually through the use of relaxation, imagination, hypnosis and dreaming. He calls his practice transformational coaching. Like his mentor Robert Moss, he dreams of a society where dreaming guides our everyday lives and he strives to help build dreaming community.