The Witchery

The Witchery is Edmonton’s own little Internet occult shop that brings European Traditional Witchcraft and Southern-style conjure magick to the North. It is run by a practicing hedgewitch with a touch of hoodoo influences. Mesmerized by herbs, religious iconography, and the Dead, The Witch is a lover of low magick who believes that everyone’s world can be enhanced by the use of spellwork.

TheWitchery.Ca was featured on Season 9 of Dragons Den, where the Witch attempted to impress the dragons and silence Michael Wekerle with her infamous oils. Sadly her pitch ended up on the cutting room floor. You can view her brief cameo here:

All Witchery Exclusive Oils, herbal preparations, and incenses are handmade by the Witch with genuine roots, herbs, and minerals that she locally wildcrafts herself. Under the watchful eye and influence of her spirits and ancestors, each piece is concocted to help you on your Path.

From love, luck, and money drawing, all the way to hexing, jinxing, and banishment, there is something for everyone at The Witchery.

The Witch encourages looking at www.TheWitchery.Ca as she is not able to bring everything with her to the Bison and free local pickup is a set shipping option. Order at your leisure and your items will be wrapped and ready for pickup at The Witchery Market on Feb 20th.




Where Faeries Live

At Where Faeries Live, you will find supplies for all of your magickal needs. They carry a variety of jewelry, candles, incense, herbs, & books.

Not only a vendor, Brick & mortar business, and co-presenter of The Witchery Market, they also offer a variety of workshops and classes! See the Where Faeries Live Event Page for more details.

Intro to Active Dreaming ~ Luc Therrien ~ Free Presentation

You will begin to learn about the power of dreams, coincidences and imagination and that, through active dreaming you can journey beyond self-limitations to a life of Wild Freedom. You will get an overview of the use the powerful techniques of active dreaming —the original synthesis of shamanism and dreamwork created by Robert Moss—to shift consciousness and embark on journeys across time and through other dimensions. You will be presented with the notions of dream sharing, dream reentry and tracking, dreaming the future, dreaming with the departed and the departing, dreaming with animal guardians and spiritual guides and through dreams of healing. As a presentation take away, you will learn the dream lightning dream process. For those wanting an in-depth learning experience of these techniques, information will be provided about a workshop on The Art of Active Dreaming.

As a registered nurse with a Master’s Degree, Luc Therrien has spent the better part of his professional life working within the health system in the area of mental health. Every day, he witnesses the power of the mind on the well-being of individuals. He helps people help themselves grow spiritually through the use of relaxation, imagination, hypnosis and dreaming. He calls his practice transformational coaching. Like his mentor Robert Moss, he dreams of a society where dreaming guides our everyday lives and he strives to help build dreaming community.

Velvet Burnout

Inspired by the subcultures of yore, Velvet Burnout is a vintage and contemporary clothing boutique spanning the decades from the 60s onward. Be prepared to indulge your senses in the rich textures while you browse through the fringe, suede, velvet, and furs. Velvet Burnout has been collecting magical pieces for the past 10 years and is now releasing the archives to the public. Stop by for a browse, stay for the treasures; burnout in style.