All About Ghosts and Hauntings – Paranormal Rona ~ Free Presentation

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What are the signs of paranormal activity? Do I have something I captured in my photos and how do I know?
The reasons why paranormal entities/spirits are attracted to people, places and objects.
Some of the weirdest, spookiest things I have ever seen.

Paranormal Rona is part of the Edmonton-based Paranormal Explorers. She has done investigations all over Edmonton, parts of Alberta and Canada; been to the Edinburgh Ghost Fest in Scotland, Halloween celebrations and ghost hunting in New Orleans and haunted places in London and Venice. The Paranormal Explorers have been featured in 2 books, TV and radio, and have their own website and Social Media pages.

Paranormal Rona is a psychic medium who communicates with earthbound spirits and is a successful spirit rescuer. She grew up experiencing the paranormal from the age of 3; spending her teenage years living in a haunted house. She is part of The Paranormal Explorers, Inc., an investigative paranormal team, established in Edmonton in 2001. They have travelled to Edinburgh for their Ghost Fest and to parts of the UK, US, and Canada for research and investigation. Rona has published articles about the paranormal and was written up in a book about paranormal investigators.

HavingĀ  over 150 paranormal cases she has encountered over 200 spirits and entities. Rona was a Ghost Tour guide for the Edmonton NIte Tours and once a year teams up with Edmonton Ghost Tours for spooky fun. She also owns her own hearse, a 1998 Cadillace DeVille named Banshee.”