Here is a story about
The Witch and The Faerie…

The Faerie wanted a larger space for her Faerie Markets, with only room for 8 vendors in the classroom at the store, she dreamed of a larger market. The Witch wanted a venue that had atmosphere and magic. So they joined forces, planned, merged their dreams and Magic Happened!! A new market was created!

So we would like to announce the birth of our New Witchy Market

The Witchery Market!

We are looking for pagan vendors, and products that can be both handcrafted or commercially made.  As long as the items are unique they will be considered.



If you are interested in applying, an application form can be filled out online (Link Above). Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will then be given a link for payment or they can be made instore at Where Faeries Live.


How Often?

There are more markets to come! If you want to receive information about vending and upcoming events then sign up for our newsletter with the following link.

Don’t miss the Magick

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The Witch and The Faerie

The next Market is on June 25th-27th & starts in:








The Witchery Market